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For our international students

Hello international students,


Welcome to Kortrijk! Looking around, maybe you think this is a small town where nothing interesting happens. However, Kortrijk has a lot to offer for young people on an international adventure. There are plenty of fun cultural or sporty student events. You can also easily move around the city with some cheap mobility offers. We hope to see you at one (or more) of our activities!
Here is a taste:


Because all that studying must make your muscles stiff, we think it might be a good idea to practice some sports while you’re here. Luckily this doesn’t mean you have to go running in the rain by yourself or get an expensive sports club subscription: we have made sure that there are plenty of fun, cheap sporting events for students. What do you think about Zumba sessions for 1 euro? If you are serious about keeping in shape you can also get a Sports Card, which enables you to practice different sports at the sports center, at a highly discounted rate! There are also highly amusing events as a Kajak race or our legendary Team Trophy…it’s fun and good for your health. How often can you say that about something?


At Kortrijk Studentenstad we also give ourselves a good dose of culture once in a while – and again, we want to open that up to all of the students in our town. That’s why we invite you along to interesting cultural activities: see a good movie at Budascoop or get an earful of excellent live tunes at music center Track*. All for a student-friendly price, of course!


For everyday transporation we recommend that you rent a bicycle at Mobiel – for a hip yellow bike you only pay 5 euros a month, with maintenance and a sturdy lock included in the price! If you don’t like getting your legs tired, you can also choose to take the bus instead. Thanks to a deal between us and bus company De Lijn, you can ride the bus for free (administration cost of 10 euros)!


If you have any questions about our activities, or if you have an idea for a cool activity that you’d like to put together yourself, you can go to the student services department at your school: Stuvo at Howest and UGent Campus Kortrijk, Stuvo at VIVES or Studentenvoorzieningen at KU Leuven Kulak.